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Mental Health Support


Military individuals seek treatment for a number of issues in lieu of the demands placed on them within the military culture. The majority of the mental health struggles (depression, anxiety, anger management, substance abuse, etc,..) are similar to what civilians seek treatment for in society on a daily basis.

MSCC attempts to help service members/dependents to identify the psychological and physical symptoms of stress (such as upset stomach, muscle aches, rapid heartbeat, headaches, sleep and eating disturbances). The warning signs of uncontrolled anger are tight muscles, clenched jaws, racing heartbeats and shaky feelings. Counselors at MSCC attempt to identify/demonstrate effective strategies to counter the effects of these stressors, such as relaxation and meditation techniques, time management strategies, exercise, or recommend more specialized counseling interventions if the problem continues to persist.

MSCC counselors will treat service members/dependents individually for a specific problem and will employ a therapy that helps the client uncover any self-defeating attitudes or behaviors contributing to the problem. Upon determining the source of the identified issue, MSCC will work with the client/s to incorporate healthy coping skills/responses into their daily functioning.

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