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Chemical dependency treatment is one of the cornerstones on which MSCC is based. At MSCC, helping people to recover from substance abuse or addiction and regain healthy and productive lives is a primary focus. Our treatment programs are highly structured and individually crafted to provide each patient with the necessary skills for a successful recovery. Our licensed alcohol and drug counselors help patients gain valuable knowledge about their disease, relapse prevention, rebuilding healthy relationships and integrating coping skills into their daily lives.


The full Chemical Dependency continuum of care at MSCC includes:

*Dual Diagnosis Programming utilizing evidence based treatment 

*Chemical Dependency Groups

*Aftercare Planning and Resource Development


Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis occurs when an individual is affected by both chemical dependency and an emotional or psychiatric illness. MSCC’s Dual Diagnosis Program combines the treatments for psychiatric illness and chemical dependency, allowing both problems to be addressed simultaneously. This means acknowledging and treating the complex relationship between these two problems and allowing individuals to focus on their recovery needs for both chemical dependency and psychiatric illness.