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Welcome to Military Supplemental Counseling Center

Here at MSCC we understand that veterans, active service members and their families have a unique set of stressors.  The stress that can come with issues such as deployment, being a single parent resulting from a deployment, homesickness, frequent relocations and financial stress can be a struggle and at times can have a negative impact not only on the individual, but on the family as well. At MSCC we offer a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neurofeedback, Narrative Therapy and Written Exposure Therapy (WET).  But our approach does not stop there.  Because we understand that the whole family serves we offer a wide range of therapy for adolescents, spouses and family members.  We know that resiliency comes with the territory of being part of a military family, but sometimes a little help is needed to find it.  Our staff is here to help you.